Courses Overview

Kryptosec provides a range of cyber security training courses focused around cryptography, information security, network security and secure applications. All courses are available either for onsite delivery, or as an open course according to the course schedule.

Cyber security has many different aspects, but a vital component for enabling security and trust is the use of cryptographic techniques. Cryptography establishes security and trust by providing confidentiality, authentication, and data integrity. It is this set of techniques that together, when properly supported, protect personal and commercial information using encryption, and enable e-commerce, secure communication and network security. Blockchain and IoT are just two examples of systems that rely on such techniques.

All courses progressively develop an overall understanding of cryptographic techniques and how they work together to achieve different security objectives. Adopting such a generic approach builds a competence that can be taken away and readily applied to many different scenarios.

For those who typically only get to see a part of a process, or who require a broad perspective, it builds a complete picture that gives greater insight in to how and why things are done in particular ways.

Courses are delivered by the course author, with over twenty years of accumulated knowledge of cryptography and related areas and fifteen years experience in delivering training.

The courses all adopt a similar approach and share content, but with varying emphasis and depth. Please refer to the course descriptions for more information.

Courses are delivered face-to-face, unless stated otherwise.

All courses are vendor neutral, unless clearly stated otherwise.

Onsite Courses

All courses are available for onsite delivery in the UK and Europe.

The standard fee for onsite training allows for up to six attendees, with the option to add further attendees for a supplementary fee. For significantly larger groups than six, please get in contact to discuss pricing options.

Generally, the fees for onsite delivery are structured such that for three or more attendees it becomes a cheaper option over open, scheduled courses.

Onsite training allows a degree of customisation. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

A main advantage to onsite training is that it facilities relating the course content to what the attendees are already familiar with as they are generally acquainted with the same projects or systems, and it promotes discussion as people often know each other.

Courses are delivered face-to-face, unless stated otherwise.

Information on how to organise a course can be found on the Booking page.

Scheduled Courses

Having for many years only delivered onsite training, we are from this Autumn onwards expanding to offer scheduled courses.

If there are no suitable dates currently scheduled, then please get in touch so that we may keep you informed of new additions to the schedule.

Also, if there are no convenient locations scheduled, then please get in touch to suggest where may be suitable, and we will endeavour to accommodate as best we can.

Upcoming scheduled courses are shown in the Calendar below. Information on how to book a place on a course can be found on the Booking page.

Cryptography & Blockchain
Cyber Security & Cryptography
Cryptography & Network Security
Applied Cryptography & Key Management